The O'Brien Summer School

The O’Brien Summer School (TOBSS) is an educational initiative to make Irish history and heritage more readily accessible to all. 

TOBSS organises non-profit events on an ad hoc basis, each event themed around an era or aspect or geographical centre of Irish history. Events normally include both a series of talks and an expert-guided field tour to local sites of historic interest.

TOBSS 2017 Event

In 2017 TOBSS presented ‘The Key and Kingly History of Armagh’, a two-day event on 2-3 September in Armagh, the oldest city in Ireland. There was a seminar day, at the Armagh City Hotel, covering key aspects of the area’s history from ancient to modern, followed by a full day tour of historic locations in and around Armagh. Details of the summer school Programme can be found on the Programme Page of this website.