The TOBSS 2017 event took place on 2nd-3rd September 2017. The theme of the event was 'The Key and Kingly History of Armagh'. On Saturday 2nd September there was a full day seminar with eight fascinating talks covering periods of Armagh's history ranging from ancient to modern and on Sunday 3rd September there was a day-long expert-guided tour of local historic sites of interest. The rain early on Sunday made the walk uphill to ancient Navan Fort a challenge for those without umbrellas, but the weather improved thereafter. One of the highlights of the day proved to be a private tour of the storerooms at the Armagh County Museum...packed full of historic objects and documents just begging to be assessed, categorised, restored...or just simply appreciated. When you visit a museum, you are not normally aware that somewhere close by lies a treasure trove that most visitors never get to lay eyes on. How privileged we all felt to explore those hallowed vaults!